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Frequently Asked Questions

What is concrete resurfacing?


The overlay process involves a series of simple steps.

The overlay system is installed by experienced and trained employees using the premium materials.  The application process does not require heavy machinery which makes it minimally invasive. Materials can be installed Monday through Saturday to work around any schedule.  The overlay system is designed to beautify your home, provide a durable surface in high use areas, and add value to any property.  Also, it is available in a variety of colors designed to complement any décor.  Tearing out old concrete would only be suggested if it is not in good enough condition to have an overlay applied to it.

The overlay materials are specially formulated concrete resurfacing materials designed to provide a high strength bond to existing concrete surfaces.  The overlay system is both functional and aesthetic in its form and function.  Our material adds 40% to the surface strength.  Designed and formulated in the Northeast, the overlay materials are suitable for freeze thaw weather conditions, yet perform perfectly in heat climate.  The material has been tried and tested for over a decade in applications ranging from residential pool decks, front porches and sidewalks. The overlay material is strong enough for driveways and other high traffic surfaces.  The Re-Deck™ material can be used on virtually any concrete surface in the world.

When can I step on my concrete?


Wait for the concrete to dry overnight or wait 24 hours before stepping on your newly laid concrete.

When can I drive on my concrete (for aprons and driveways)?


It is recommended to wait 72 hours before driving on your new driveway or apron.

When can I put my furniture back on my concrete?


It is recommended to wait 3 days before putting furniture on new concrete.

Additional information about the process and procedures of ESCO Concrete Inc. work is laid out on the back of the proposal/contract and can be discussed during the estimate.


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